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Component - Plastics E41797 
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), "Toyolac", furnished as pellets
Min Thk Flame RTI RTI RTI
Color (mm) Class HWI HAI Elec Imp Str
ALL 1.2 HB - - 60 60 60
1.5 HB 4 0 60 60 60
3.0 HB 4 0 60 60 60
Comparative Tracking Index (CTI): 1 Inclined Plane Tracking (IPT): -
Dielectric Strength (kV/mm): 40 Volume Resistivity (10x ohm-cm) : 15
High-Voltage Arc Tracking Rate (HVTR): 1 High Volt, Low Current Arc Resis (D495): 6
Dimensional Stability (%): 0.0
(rn) - Virgin and regrind up to 100% by weight inclusive have the same flammability characteristics down to 1.5mm.
NOTE - Polyamide (nylon) grades may be prefixed with the letters CM and may employ hyphens in various locations. The designations of ECODEAR products may employ hyphens and/or spaces in various locations. All grades that include ABS, SAN, and/or PC (designations of TOYOLAC or TOYOLACPAREL or TORAYCA products) may employ hyphens and/or spaces and may be suffixed with 3 or 4 digits of letters and/or numbers.
ANSI/UL 94 small-scale test data does not pertain to building materials, furnishings and related contents. ANSI/UL 94 small-scale test data is intended solely for determining the flammability of plastic materials used in the components and parts of end-product devices and appliances, where the acceptability of the combination is determined by UL.
Report Date: 1991-06-19
Last Revised: 2011-07-12
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IEC and ISO Test Methods
Test Name Test Method Units Tested (mm) Value
Flammability IEC 60695-11-10 Class (color) 1.2 HB75 (ALL)
1.5 HB75 (ALL)
3.0 HB40 (ALL)
Glow-Wire Flammability (GWFI) IEC 60695-2-12 C - -
Glow-Wire Ignition (GWIT) IEC 60695-2-13 C - -
IEC Comparative Tracking Index IEC 60112 Volts (Max) - -
IEC Ball Pressure IEC 60695-10-2 C - -
ISO Heat Deflection (1.80 MPa) ISO 75-2 C - -
ISO Tensile Strength ISO 527-2 MPa - -
ISO Flexural Strength ISO 178 MPa - -
ISO Tensile Impact ISO 8256 kJ/m2 - -
ISO Izod Impact ISO 180 kJ/m2 - -
ISO Charpy Impact ISO 179-2 kJ/m2 - -
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The materials covered in this database are incomplete in certain constructional features or restricted in performance capabilities and are intended for use as components of complete equipment submitted for investigation rather than for direct separate installation in the field. THE FINAL ACCEPTANCE OF THE COMPONENT IS DEPENDENT UPON ITS INSTALLATION AND USE IN COMPLETE PRODUCTS SUBMITTED TO UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES.

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